Red Cross Designer Showhouse 2013


While envisioning your tropical dream house—we all do this, right?—nubby linens, sheer cottons, grass cloth, sisal, wicker, and driftwood undoubtedly come to mind. Add some bright color, geometric patterns, comfortable seating, and underwater accents, and you have the makings of a home worthy of Florida’s beautiful beaches.

All this and more was on display during the 2013 American Red Cross Designers’ Showhouse in West Palm Beach, Florida. Now in its 38th year—the 2014 edition is open February 20 through March 22—the design event continues to kick-start our calendar year as the first showhouse stop. Join us as we whisk you away to a Key West-style retreat on a tour of last year’s sea-inspired spaces.

West Terrace by Karen Kirk and Karen Brams

The influence of the blue ocean and the green grass is evident in Karen Kirk and Karen Bram’s color choices for the West Terrace. Shaded under a big umbrella, synthetic wicker seating provides a great conversation area.

Design: Karen Kirk and Karen Brams, Island Living & Patio, 1700 Upland Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33409; 561/683-7373,

Source: Traditional Home



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