Stunning Tucci Umbrellas in West Palm Beach, FL


When style, comfort and luxury are absolutely paramount, nothing compares to TUUCI’s exclusive collection of lounges and sun beds. Each frame is expertly detailed with either Armor-Wall™ aluminum marine-grade alloy or our innovative dura-TEAK™ wood-grain polymer construction and is built with precision to withstand nature’s tests, season after season, year after year. 


The Ocean Master, TUUCI’s flagship collection, is as innovative as it is stunning. An architectural triumph in shade engineering and design, it’s constructed to withstand the harshest global environments. TUUCI’s patented modular operating systems and marine-grade construction provide extreme durability, dependability and ease of use.


Tuuci® Solanox Cabana structures effortlessly transform any patio, poolside or outdoor landscape into open-air living rooms. The structure’s sleek modular design is built to custom specifications; shape, size, finish, walls, seating and lighting options.

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