Pavilion Outdoor Furniture in West Palm Beach, FL, Initiates Instants of Wonder

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Designed by Michael Wolk has created and eclectic collection which has redefined indoor sensibilities for exterior or interior use. Available in your choice of finish and fabric.


Designed by Michael Wolk | The lighthouses of Biscayne Bay show the way to a tropical waterfront where every palm stands exactly where it belongs. The Biscayne collection has tapered legs reminiscent of the palms, rounded and pleasing lines like the coast itself. 


A radical departure in furniture designer and construction. Multiple patterns and motion pieces add to Evolutions allure. With your choice of finish and fabric, you can customize the look that best expresses your style.


The Merrick collection is large and luxurious. Inspired by rich architectural design, Merrick offers regal finish colors paired with your choice of fabric for the cushion.


Ecowood is a superior wood alternative that performs well in all weather conditions. Made from HDPE using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing, it will not corrode, splinter or rot and requires no sealing or painting. The authentic wood grain look adds warmth and texture to your outdoor environment. 


Setting a new standard for contemporary exterior furnishings, the Bleau collection is strong, comfortable and beautiful. Create a custom look with your choice of finish, fabric/sling color and sling type.


The Pinecrest collection is known for it’s clean sweeping lines and attention to detail. Available in both traditional and cushioned sling Pinecrest is not only comfortable but easy to maintain. This stackable collection makes storage easy.


When the beauty of nature is the focal point, recreational spaces call for structured and versatile outdoor furnishings that can create a variety of settings.


A classic! Custom sizes available and you can create the look that suits you best by choosing your table size, color and top option!

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