Island Living & Patio Helps Impact Philanthropy

Island Living & Patio Helps Impact Philanthropy In Their Own Community—and Across The Country

While some companies find relevant organizations to donate resources to, others go a step further and create their own. That’s exactly what business partners Karen Brams and Karen Kirk, owners of Island Living & Patio in West Palm Beach, Florida, did when they helped found Impact the Palm Beaches.

This organization is comprised of dynamic women who change the face of philanthropy in their community by awarding high-impact grants in focus areas such as arts and culture, education, environment, family, and health and wellness.

To date, 54 Impact chapters now exist in the United States and Australia, and the organization has contributed more than $34 million to locales across the country. At a recent Women’s Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN) Conference in Philadelphia, which hosted more than 300 charities, Impact received an award for making the biggest impact.

“Being a founding member and corporate sponsor of Impact, ‘paying it forward’ is a fundamental principle that guides my life, along with the belief that if you are blessed to have enough, then it is your duty to help someone who does not,” Brams says. “I’ve committed myself to helping others in my community and beyond. I’m proud of my position as a successful businesswoman in the community, which makes my work with Impact even more exciting, as this charity empowers women to influence change and make a difference for those in need.”

Impact’s membership consists of women who agree to contribute $1,100 ($1,000 for grant-making and a $100 membership fee) each year and cast their vote annually for grant recipients. Through strategic grant-making, they engage, develop and inspire women to create change in their community. Each year at the annual meeting, nonprofit finalists are invited to speak. Then Impact members vote on who gets the $100,000 in grants.

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