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10 Tips to Becoming a Grill Master by Ingrid Hoffman

Grilling and cooking on a Lynx Grill is a cinch, but if you want to take your grilling skill to the next level, pay attention to these 10 tips from Grill Master Ingrid Hoffmann.

Top 10 Grilling Tips from Grill Master Ingrid Hoffmann

1. Cook Evenly
Bring food to room temperature 30-45 minutes prior to grilling. Food will cook evenly and you will avoid hot/cold spots.

2. Marinades 101
Marinades should always have a ratio of 1 to 3 acidity to oil. Acids such as citruses or vinegars help tenderize proteins and oils add moisture and prevent sticking. For extra zing use zest of citrus as well.

3. Don’t Cross Contaminate
Do not use the marinade you marinated raw meat in for basting. Use separate batches from the start.

4. Avoid the Burn
Sugary sauces when used too early in the grilling process can burn your food. Put them on your grilled meats towards the end of grilling.

5. Meal on a Stick
For easy pass around all in one meals – make skewers with a protein, baby potatoes, vegetable and fruit

6. Skewer Prep Ahead
To keep wooden skewers from burning, soak them in water.

For ready-to-go skewers:

Soak skewers
Drain and freeze in zip top bags
Keep in freezer till ready for grilling

7. Give It a Twist
Use unexpected ingredients for your skewers such as olives, avocado, mango, and strawberries

8. Don’t Flip Flop
Resist the urge to flip several times. Ideally you only flip once in order to avoid a flop; dry, uneven and overcooked food.

9. Rest in the Tent
Let meat rest under a foil tent for a few minutes before slicing to let juices distribute evenly.

10. Safety First
When flames flare up, do not water, just close the lid!
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